A bit more information on the package
Hello !

Thanks god. I can finally join the forum. I have a few questions regarding the package.

1. Without anymore service like Mobile GPS Tracker white label for Android, iOS, Windows etc. the total cost per month would be 99.00 USD ? Is there any hidden fees like setup fees etc ?

2. It says 1-50 objects. Does that mean we can track up to 50 objects ? How much cost per object if the total number is above 50 objects ? 

3. Will I be able to do basic HTML to change the background image of the login page and logo etc. ?

4. How long does it take to setup the system ? Completely white labelled ? Like instead of asia.gpswox.com it's like myowngpswebsite.com and functioning.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from the team or Tom soonest.

1. No, there are no hiden fees. In the popup window you will see total monthly price.
2. Yes, it means you can track up to 50 gps devices. If you want to add more, you need to acquire next plan 1-100, etc.
3. You can change only logo. We will introduce much more templates in the future updates.
4. We will set it up in 24 - 48 hours after the payment. We will send you gps server login details with instructions how to use your own domain name etc.

if you have more questions, please contact support@gpswox.com

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