ATrack AT1Pro reconfiguration for my truck
(05-12-2016, 11:13 AM)MichalRo Wrote: Welcome,
recently I got into my truck a GPS device - ATrack AT1Pro.
Now I'm on the road. And suddenly broke down truck, service replaced the battery. Now for some reason the GPS device ATrack AT1Pro no longer works as it should. Maybe it can help reconfiguration to gpswox system?

Hi Michal Ro
good road trip for you!
And to ensure that your trip is very simple, and there would be no problems with GPS devices, some instructions:
To reconfigure your device is very simple. In early restart the device and reconnect.
Secondly, to connect your GPS device to our gpswox server, you should use one of IP addresses, depends on your location:
IP : (Europe)
IP : (USA)        
IP : (Asia)      

Then, use port address. For ATrack AT1Pro it is Port: 6044

safe driving Wink

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