Availability, Pricing, and Current Draw
I am interested in buying 2 (maybe 3) of the Meitrack MT90 units to install on ATV's, but I cannot find them in stock anywhere.  When do you expect to have them in stock ?  Also, with only having 2 or 3 units, what is the advantage of subscribing to the "Basic" plan at $9.99/mo, versus 2 (or 3) "Lite" plans at $2.99/mo ?  It's cheaper to buy the individual plans.  Also, since these will be hardwired on ATV's they obviously will not be used everyday.  What is the current draw on these units ?  I do not want to have to jump start them every time I ride.

sorry but in near future, we wont have MT90. If you want to track 2-3 units, the best option is - Basic plan. If you will be purchasing Lite plans for tracking each unit, you will have different accounts and it wont be comfortable for tracking (since you want to see all your units in one account screen)

Thanks for the info. What will be replacing the MT90 that will be good to use on ATV's ?
sorry, but we can not offer any alternative GPS tracker for ATV

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