Coban gps tracker software
(05-12-2016, 11:15 AM)DavidCOBAN Wrote: coban gps tracker software
Looking for an alternative software for Coban GPS devices. Anyway, the truth should be told,- I am not satisfied with the current factory equipment options of Coban. It's interesting what you can offer gpswox? Are there areas marking, warnings for speed, and the like?

Hello David
thank you for your question
Coban is quite good device. But you know, as they say, you can be good in only one area.
Therefore, in order to get better software service, you are applying to the right place.
Our program can track not only the large amount of GPS device at the same time, but also has a lot of additional functions, including you mentioned, such as:
real time tracking, 
and so on..
You can read more about that on gps tracking features.

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