Dog GPS device. Whether it works in forested area?
(05-11-2016, 12:11 PM)Manta1 Wrote: Need help
Help choose puppy GPS trackers. A few months ago I had a huge disaster. In Uptown I lost my puppy and it no longer appeared. A lot of pain and grief it has caused. Sad
Now I received a gift a young Saint Bernard. I want to completely avoid any problems in the future, and read that one of the solutions is to use a GPS tracking device for the dog.
I want to ask if such devices are effective in parks, where many trees, obstructions, a GPS device?

Hello Manta One
Sorry for your loss..
I think that you are in the right place.
We provide such tracking services, and for a very low price you can subscribe to the service, which allows you to track your pet's location. And many more. You will be able to see the movement distance, speed and everything else that is important to care for your pet.
As for the tracking devices, All modern modern GPS devices use omni-directional signals, and they are not scary obstacles such as trees, plants and the like.

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