GPS tracking device for mtb bike?
(05-17-2016, 01:00 PM)Darek mtb Wrote: Hello, what a GPS tracking device you can offer?
I engage in mountain biking, and often ride on competitions and training also. I really need to keep tracking of the distance traveled, time, speed changes and so on.

Thanks for the question, You entered a suitable place.
We also offer GPS tracking devices for bicycles
However, no device will provide you with all the information you want. But the system that processes the data sent by the gps device.
Here on gpswox you can order a GPS tracking service account.
With it you can monitor not only all of you mentioned parameters as speed, distance traveled, and the like.
But you will have ability to see the cycling history. Also in one account you can connect multiple devices (in this case, bicycles) and see all the parameters in one place.

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