GPSWOX detecting wrong protocol?
Hello GPSWOX Support Team,

I'm trying to define custom events. Currently I'm working with TZoneDigitalAVL05 and TZoneDigitalAVL02.

The issue is when I try to see the protocol used by the device, it shows  "totem" (screenshot attached).

[Image: xUigKZo.png]

Why do TZone AVL05 and TZone AVL02 are using this totem protocol?
Although both gprs protocols are almost the same  $$<length> ... <checksum> the paramaters in "History"->"Log data" are just some paramaters of the total sent by TZONE's devices. Using totem protocol can cause erratic data in Event, io, adc, battery and other fields.

How could I set up the devices in order they work with tzone protocol?

Useful files:
- tzone gprs protocol
- tzone avl05 user manual (in page 24 gprs protocol is described)
- tzone avl02 user manual (in page 19 gprs protocol is described)

Thank you for any help.

this is just a name of the protocol in internal system, it works fine with tzone devices, if you have any issues with the protocol decoder, please write to to fix it.
Thank you for the reply,

yeah, basically it works fiine and the parameters look good in History->DataLog section, but the alarm types of the data package sent by the devices to server don't have the same code.

As it can be seen in the two lists bellow, only SOS alarm match in both protocols, for the others is a different code. Why is this important? If this alarms would be sent correctly, we could create events and alrets in GPSWOX much more directly.

It would be really great if the system could difference between this two protocols.

0x01 SOS button is pressed
0x49 Button A is pressed
0x09 Auto Shutdown Alarm
0x10 Low battery Alarm
0x11 Over SpeedAlarm
0x13 Recover From Over Speed
0x14 Deceleration Alarm
0x15 AccelerationAlarm
0x30 Parking Alarm
0x42 Out Geo-fenceAlarm
0x43 Into Geo-fenceAlarm
0x50 IO-1 Close —digital input 1 closed
0x51 IO-1 Open —digital input 1 opened
0x52 IO-2 Close —digital input 2 closed
0x53 IO-2 Open —digital input 2 opened
0x54 IO-3 Close (reserve)
0x55 IO-3 Open (reserve)
0x56 IO-4 Close (reserve)
0x57 IO-4 Open (reserve)
0x60 Begin Charge
0x61 End Charge
0x88 Heartbeat
0x91 Into Sleep Mode
0x92 Wakeup From Sleep Mode
0xAB Idling alarm
0xAA Interval GPRS data

01 Panic button (SOS) 1=SOS
02 ACC IN1 (digital input 1)
03 Over speed 1= over speed
04 External power 1= with supply power
05 GEO fence(out) 1=out alarm
06 GEO fence(in) 1= GEO in alarm
07 GPS antenna drop 1= GPS antenna drop alarm
08 GPS module error 1= module error
09 Output1 1= output1 in high level
10 Output2 1= output2 in high level
11 Output3 1= output3 in high level
12 IN2 (digital input 2) 1= input2 has been triggered
13 IN4 (digital input 4) 1= intput4 has been triggered
14 Shocking 1= shocking alarm
15 Idle 1= Idle speed alarm
16 Inner battery in low level 1= inner battery voltage is low
17 Unauthorized Driving 1= Unauthorized driving
18 GPS status 1= GPS fixed
19 Inner batter in charging 1= battery charge
20 reserve
21 reserve
22 reserve
23 reserve
24 reserve
25 reserve
26 reserve
27 reserve
28 reserve
29 reserve
30 reserve
31 reserve
32 reserve
Other alarm event can be customized upon the detailed needs.

(09-01-2017, 09:54 AM)Forum Support Wrote: Hi,

this is just a name of the protocol in internal system, it works fine with tzone devices, if you have any issues with the protocol decoder, please write to to fix it.

I just took into account.... another issue here is the gprs messages , they dont work in the same way in these two devices. 

sending a gprs message from server to device with totem protocol:


sending a gprs message form server to device with tzone protocol:


And I suppose that the Acknowledge response are managed in different ways too.
Please send HEX sample of each column you mentioned, protocol documentation to so we will update protocol decoder. Regarding gprs message please do the same.

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