GPSWOX detecting wrong protocol?
Hello GPSWOX Support Team,

I'm trying to define custom events. Currently I'm working with TZoneDigitalAVL05 and TZoneDigitalAVL02.

The issue is when I try to see the protocol used by the device, it shows  "totem" (screenshot attached).

[Image: xUigKZo.png]

Why do TZone AVL05 and TZone AVL02 are using this totem protocol?
Although both gprs protocols are almost the same  $$<length> ... <checksum> the paramaters in "History"->"Log data" are just some paramaters of the total sent by TZONE's devices. Using totem protocol can cause erratic data in Event, io, adc, battery and other fields.

How could I set up the devices in order they work with tzone protocol?

Useful files:
- tzone gprs protocol
- tzone avl05 user manual (in page 24 gprs protocol is described)
- tzone avl02 user manual (in page 19 gprs protocol is described)

Thank you for any help.

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