Gmt Utc and so on...

I have a small problem with my Tracker Concox GT300 :

You say in the website that we have to put GMT 0  in the device.
So, when i send an SMS to my device, i receive a wrong hour, because i am in FRance, and there is +1 GMT and +1 Summer Time.

In the GpsWox internet interface, i have two fields with the Time Parameter, 
1) Object/Edit/ Advanced/ Time adjustment
2) Setup / Timezone / Day Night saving time

What's the relation between 1 and 2 ?  and how they interact with the device time ?

I tried a lot of configurations, changing time in the device, puting GMT automatic, or GMT 0, and other rules in the GpsWox interface, but in fact i don't know the "best way" to have the correct time in the internet interface of GpsWox.

And how to have the correct time in GpsWox AND  in the Device together if you say we have to put GMT 0 in the device and don't live at GMT 0 ?

Sorry, perhaps i'm not clear... Wink Wink

Correct timezone(including DST) must be set in the gps platform: Setup->Timezone

On the gps tracker you have to configure time to UTC 0 all the time, so you will see correct time in the gps platform all the time.

If you are unable to set timezone to UTC 0 in the gps tracker, you can manualy adjust time sent from gps tracker in Object->Edit->Advanced->Time adjustment. If your device send time let say 1 ahour ahead (gmt +1), you need to adjust time and set it to -1, therefore time will always be seen correctly in the platform.

Please give it a try and let me know how it goes.

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