Gps tracking and device for kid
(05-13-2016, 02:49 PM)Tom Wrote:
(05-13-2016, 02:48 PM)Antonio_Mateo Wrote: Hi
I want to say that I am quite satisfied with your free service - now I always see where my daughter is on real-time.
But I have one more question Smile
Our little boy is getting ready to go to the first class. Son is truly self-sufficient and I trust him very much. But just in case, I would like to take care of its security with the GPS device support.
The problem is that we don‘t want our litte boy to use a smartphone, since he is too small for that.
Have two questions:
whether there is a solution to keep tracking of the children without the phone device?
Is it possible to keep tracking of multiple devices with a free account, or I need another service?

Thank you for your questions.
Congratulations to your son, who is getting ready to start a school.
I can answer briefly:
You can choose mini GPS device tracker. It can be purchased from us. Should fit perfectly in the boy's bag.
In order to keep a track of more than one person you need to purchase a „Lite“ service. With it you can view the devices travel history.

And where to find the GPS gadget that you mentioned about? I'm confused by this website.

Also, I saw on another e-shop to buy GPS devices. Does other manufacturers of GPS devices can be connected to your GPS tracking services?

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