How to use setflag creating events?
Hi GPSWOX community,

I'm tryinig to create events with setflag, but I'm still not able to do it...

I'm tryinig to create an event about 6th digit of io1 parameter, as shown in following picture.

[Image: Suez3iB.png]

So I created the event as:

[Image: 104Cnsf.png]

I also created an event alert for this. But it doesn'nt work. How does this setflag event must be created? 

note: I have already created events and alerts with other parameters (without using setflag) and work perfectly.

As always, thankyou for any help.

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How to use setflag creating events? - by ofmoreno06 - 09-01-2017, 04:25 PM

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