we just purchased this tracker in order to evaluate the system (https://www.gpswox.com/en/gps-trackers-s...tracker-73). My experience till now is really poor i can not set it up and i dont know why. So we put the sim card in it i plugged it in my car obd port it started blinking and i send the 2 sms's with the APN and the IP. 2 hours later the device in the system is still saying not connected. The documentation for the tracker is really poor and i can not even understand how to send the APN - it has to be GPRSAPN or what...

im really disappointed that i can not start using the system and im wasting time trying to start it working.

If anyone can help i will be really glad! The sim card with data package is provided from Telenor Bulgaria so the apn sms if im understanding it correctly should look like this: apn telenor telenorbg (http://www.telenor.bg/en/services/services/settings)
Dear Sir,

please find configuration example below:


Send these 2 sms messages below:

apn123456 telenorbg

IP 6013

ps. and it is very wrong complain, since we have tested this tracker and it works perfectly, furthermore we sold it to more than 100 customers, and they were happy about it.

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