Reports - what are they for?
(05-19-2016, 03:07 PM)Damki57 Wrote: Recently I upgraded to you "Lite" version of the program. And I see there is many additional features.
For example – appears there is „history and reports“.
About history - everything is clear. It is possible to see where, when and how the object was moving in the past.
But I do not understand about the „reports“. What are they for?

Hello Damki, welcome to our forum.
Thank you that more and more you are using our services.
The history and reports can be answered very clearly.
Yes, about the history function you are absolutely right.
And about reports. They are designed so that you can get all the desired information in a particular format, such as: XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT.
Such information systematisation is very useful if you later want to use it for data-processing or importation into any other of your system or database.
Such a solution is universal and applicable in very different ways.

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