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(05-11-2016, 12:04 PM)Mateo Wrote: Hello,

I have a business problem. Engage in sport motocross motorcycle rental competitions. These motorcycles are rented solely on race, rather than leisure ride. I noticed that customers sometimes use them for other purposes. Say, if possible to somehow help of GPS tracking devices to monitor the movement of motorcycles, or at least to see the history of what places were used to transport? if you are providing such services, what is the price of the service?

Hello, Mateo
thank you for your question.
I can tell that you're in the right place

First of all you need to install the GPS tracking devices in a rented motorcycles.
Secondly, We have even some GPS tracking account options, depending on the desired device The functionality and trackable devices.
I can assure you that with any paid GPS tracking account you can track not only the vehicle movement trajectory, but the whole story is full of movement. You can also order an SMS message when the vehicle passes through the area provided.
I can assure you that we will find you the necessary sollutions.

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