Teltonika FM1120 configuration with GPSWOX server
I am now about to test Teltonika FM1120 with your server.  However we tried to configure but we cannot get them to show up on the server. Teltonika are suggesting contacting you to discuss how it needs to be configured to work with your software.
I have the Imei and I set them up.  Not sure what is left.
Any help will be appreciated.

Please make sure you are using port 6027 TCP with your IP address, because at the moment I do not see any information on this port in your server, which means your tracker is not sending data. Did you used Teltonika configurator tool and used „recommended configuration“ ?

Alternatively, you can try our android app:
It will automatically send all required sms messages to configure your device. It will send about 50 sms messages so it will take about 20min. to deliver them all.

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