What are they for? Accessories and stuff
(05-19-2016, 03:12 PM)Konstantin Wrote: I have a question.
I can see there is a category "Accessories"
Not really aware of what it is intended.
Can I buybuy these car enhancements on gpswox, or what?
But how does it relate to the GPS?

 Hello Konstantin,
thank you for your interest.
It is nice that people who are interested in are asking and searching for answers. We are always ready to help.
For the accessories, which are described on us website.
As you can see, these are accessories that are compatible with gpswox GPS tracking system. A few of them are as:
  • Drivers identification
  • engine on / off sensor
  • doors close / open sensor
  • odometer sensor
  • fuel level sensor
and so on.
These accessories and sensors are designed to be able to see additional features and alert gpswox system. And to receive notifications of changes. Like the exact fuel consumption, distance traveled. Also track not only the movement of a vehicle, but the driver's behavior and so on.

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