What is the purpose of your gps boat tracker?
(05-18-2016, 11:47 AM)Anthony Marina Wrote: For those who sails with ships or yachts, GPS tracking is not something new.
Actually, all yachts by default must have talkies and GPS tracking devices – this is necessary for navigation.
I do not quite understand your services. Does it may be necessary in any way to yacht owners?

Hello, thank you for the question.
As for the GPS equipment for ships and yachts, we do not seek to compete with professional and mandatory equipment.
Gpswox GPS tracking equipment here can serve as follows:
With gpswox you can follow the movement of the boat when it is given to someone else to use.
It can also be as prevention of theft (always visible location)
gspwox can be used in order to provide live information about yacht presence and the desired parameters to third parties.
And many more functions.

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