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Non Connected - Franz - 03-20-2017

Hi there.

I am testing the software to use on my phone, but even though the app under STATUS says it is sendig information about location, the http://europe.gpswox.com/objects
says that device not connected. I am using the IMEI of the phone, and i have quadrouple checked that it is the right number.

Have i forgotten something??

RE: Non Connected - Forum Support - 03-20-2017


please watch user manual https://www.gpswox.com/en/user-manual/apps-manual/android-gps-tracker

and if you still have issues, please contact support@gpswox.com

Good luck!

RE: Non Connected - Franz - 03-23-2017

Sorry, somehow i had missread the usermanual, and i was looking a completely different place for the data.
Sorry. Thanx for the help.