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Set Initial Odometer & Hours - nicvon - 08-17-2017

Hi, please can you assist with the following question.

How do i add / update the odometer reading or Engine hours on a device I have added to the system.

Package: White Label

The option to do this under service is disabled for both fields. Image - https://ibb.co/i3oyuv

[Image: i3oyuv]

RE: Set Initial Odometer & Hours - Forum Support - 08-18-2017


you need to add odometer sensor, if your device does not have this, please add virtual odometer in sersors section.

if you need further assistance, please contact support@gpswox.com

RE: Set Initial Odometer & Hours - nicvon - 08-22-2017

Thank you - I can see how to do this with the odometer, but not engine hours.

All of my devices are on equipment which is serviced based in hours, so I need to set the initial hours and then have the hours calculated by a sensor thereafter.