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Teltonika FM1010 - Gill - 07-27-2016

I am in Australia and trying to set up 4 Teltonika FM1010 using GPS tracker configuratior.
The app started sending messages up to 11 and stopped, I am using EU Tracking server, I tried using USA and Asia tracking servers but they both don't seem to send messages, should I still keep using EU tracking server ?
Where do I find the IMEI or device identifier ? is it the numbers on the devices below the bar code ?

RE: Teltonika FM1010 - Forum Support - 07-28-2016


IMEI for Teltonika could be found on the package box or via Teltonika's configurator tool. The newest tool and driver's for PC could be downloaded here: https://www.gpswox.com/en/supported-gps-trackers/teltonika/teltonika-fm1000 . Once plugged in via usb cable and power source, click Connect and check top left corner for IMEI.

About servers, you can use any of them, but because you are from Australia, I suggest to use Asian server, because it will be faster for you. While configuring your tracker, make sure you use correct ip address, port(6027) and apn settings(could be found from your GSM manufacturer).

if you have more specific questions please contact our technical support team > support@gpswox.com