Teltonika FM5300 is the best vehicle tracker?

i am considering to buy Teltonika FM5300 gps trackers, for my food delivery company. Please tell me more about this tracker

thanks in advance

yes, i must confirm Teltonika FM5300 is a very high quality GPS tracker, produced in Lithuania (EU). Advantages over other GPS trackers are:

Teltonika FM5300 has a powerful internal battery, therefore it can be left for a long time without external battery and will not discharge the cars battery;
It has more powerful and more sensitive external GPS and GPRS antenna than Coban or other GPS trackers brands;
It has ability to connect to the board computer through CAN;
It has ability to connect a large amount of any type of sensors, ability to use ibutton, registers altitude;
It transfers a much more accurate travel history and uses less GPRS data.

Therefore, it is a very good choice for you to buy Teltonika FM5300


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