Tracking business special purpose
Tramigo GPS  T23 Fleet tracking from 2015 jan onwards and want to know the following 
1.      Minimum Tacking interval . eg: 10 seconds
2.      Minimum speed tracking  greater than 5KM
3.      Minimum speed limit – 20km/hour speed alert to be in SMS and email alert.
4.      Vehicle icon design and color option
5.      Schedule and route marking option on location
  1. We have a bus route and schedule, how can we have a system audit on the schedule and route, adherence? We can provide the schedule and we are looking for the report
  2. Number of trips provided per bus and average trip time from point A back to Point A
  3. Real time alert of the route or schedule deviations
  4. Real time alerts of exceeding the speed limit
  5. Location  map with busses and if we can allocate tasks on the map. i.e. to mark one bus as Purple line for example
  6. Mobile apps if available
  7. Can we know the drivers name. Who was driving the bus? And if so, what is his driving trends, speeding up percentage of his driving
  8. Reports of how many completed trips and percentage of the route and schedule deviation on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. (If possible)
  9. Fixing a JPEG location map and marking on road required.

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