What for is this?
(05-20-2016, 12:00 PM)Marian_Danilev Wrote: good day
I drive a Renault truck. I have to ride a lot in Italy, Austria.
My employer recently installed a GPS tracking system for fuel monitoring. And as far as I know he enjoys gpswox tracking system.
I want to find out what data is reflected in the tracking system? Why this system is better than regular fuel consumption monitoring?

 Hello, thank you for the question.
Our gpswox system is a vehicle tracking system. Its main function is to keep track of the movement of object. The fuel consumption tracking is an additional feature.
At the same time to combine these two things may be very useful. With the help of detailed data consumption and GPS signals can be very clearly to find out where and under what conditions fuel is consumed in large quantities. For example, you can figure out which route is inefficient.

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