White Label Lifetime License Questions
Hello guys, I'm interested in your application, I want to buy the host on my own server white label version, however I need to clarify some points before making my choise.

1. Do your apps have Spanish support? Since I'm working in LATAM this point it's really important.

2. Is there any way to add custom fields, and custom alerts with those fields? I want to know if my vehicle it's with all the paperwork alright, of it's there is something pending, in my country we have a lot of taxes that we need to pay yearly, so I need to know if each vehicle have those paid, and if it doesn't, send me an alert telling me that the tax is overdue, stuff like that, people in the boat, etc. As a developer if there isn't a easy way to add this functionallity, and you can't provide the service to add it, is there any documentation to do this on my own? 

3. Since I'm probably working with 2 fleets at the same time, I need to manage each of them individually, so I need to know this points;
  * Multiple Server
  3.1.1. If I need multiple installations of this software, do I need to pay for each of them, or the lifetime license allows me to install this   software in two or more servers at the same time? 
  3.1.2. If I can install this software in multiple servers, can I pay to you the white labeled version of the Android/iOS app for each of   them? As I read before, each of this apps connects directly to one of the servers, so I may need both of them on each server if this is   possible. 
  * Roles 
  3.2.1. Is there any way to have this application installed once, and have roles, a super admin that can see ALL the vehicles, an multiple    administrators that can just see their fleet vehicles? Without any fear that one of them see the other guy's vehicles? I was considering       having multiple installations of this software because of this, but if you tell me that I can  have those roles setup that would be amazing.   Also the "user" role that just can see his vehicle, I suppose this guy will be the one using the Android/iOS app.

4. Does your hosting plan for 99mo, it includes the server requirements for a 10k devices? or the price gets higher for this amount of devices?

5. I need this service just for GPS device tracking, I don't need to track cellphones, I may use this for tracking boats, do you sell the GPS for boats? How can I buy them to you? Is there any limitation (distance, functionallity, etc.) for using this device on boats? Is there any limit for devices on each order? 

Thank you so much for your time, and sorry for my English.

Thank you for your inquiry.

1. Yes, mobile gps tracker(to track your smartphone) and mobile client(to manage your fleet) apps does support Spanish language. Once you purchase them, we will send you Spanish language apps.

2. Yes. You can create as many services as you like for each of your devices. Just go to your device -> edit -> services and add one there.

3. GPS Server Software can be installed to 1 server only. Each instalation in different server requires separate license/purchase of gps software. The same applies with apps and additional services.

Regarding roles, after you login to the admin panel you will be able to manage users. There are 3 levels of users: Admin, Manager, User. Admin can create Managers and users. Managers can create Users only and they will not see each other and their devices. Please connect to our demo server to test these out.

4. We will always be able to increase server resources to host more devices than there are on standard plans. If you need more devices to be hosted on cloud gps software, please contact support to discuss pricing.

5. You may need special gps tracker suited for boats like this: https://www.gpswox.com/en/gps-trackers-s...-mvt100-16
For further discussion please write to support@gpswox.com and info@gpswox.com

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