taxi cars tracking
(05-16-2016, 08:45 AM)Raymond Clader Wrote: My company's activity is a taxi service.
We provide taxi services not directly we rent cars and equipment for those who are engaged in the taxis operation.
We own more than 50 vehicles tailored to the taxi business.
To keep track of all cars do we need to order tracking services from you? Or do we have to buy your GPS trackers also?

Hello Raymond,
thank you for the question.
If you want to keep tracking your company cars there is a service "corporate" GPS tracking. As I understood you manage more than 50 vehicles. With this service you will get the full service package, and it fits to track for more than 50 objects.
To use this service, you dont need to buy GPS devices from us. Most of GPS devices, manufactured by third parties is compatible with Gpswox tracking services.

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