white label license on my own server
I liked the software, but if i want to buy white label (lifetime license) can I make my own server to use the software on my own hardware is this possible or it is just to be hosted on cloud.
If it is hosted on my own server what are the requirements for hardware, OS, database, web server, and mainly what about security etc.

yes, you can host software on you server, more info https://www.gpswox.com/en/gps-trackers-s...servers-23

Server requirements:

Operating System: Linux CentOS 7 - 64bit.

1-100 devices - 1 Core CPU, 3GB Memory, 10GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 1Mbit/s
1-500 devices - 2 Core CPU, 6GB Memory, 20GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 4Mbit/s
1-1000 devices - 2 Core CPU, 8GB Memory, 40GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s
1-3000 devices - 4 Core CPU, 16GB Memory, 60GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 20Mbit/s
1-6000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 32GB Memory, 100GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 40Mbit/s

1-10000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 64GB Memory, 200GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s
Thanks for informative and quick response .......
I will start with 1 month plan to check the software to achieve my requirements .... but before that I want to get some more information about the software ..... because I tried the demo version of the software and tried it ..... but came with no luck to connect my mobile and Coban303G device to the demo server, I even used my LOCAL GSM Operator APN, with all of the settings which are required for the above tracking device and android cell phone still nothing worked for me ...... so where to ask for quick help. to check the software on demo and then with 1 month plan and after that for whitelable software on my server.
Hello, please contact airidas@gpswox.com and he will assist you on setup process


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