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Tramigo T23 - gbitechllc - 07-03-2016

how to configure Tramigo T23 ? I try to add the device but failed.

RE: Tramigo T23 - Forum Support - 07-03-2016


for GPS tracker Tramigo T23 please use following Port 6073, if you still experience problems please contact support@gpswox.com

ps. all GPS devices Ports can be found https://www.gpswox.com/en/supported-gps-trackers

Good Luck

RE: Tramigo T23 - gbitechllc - 07-04-2016

can you give me some guidance to add the device and a live demo of your system

RE: Tramigo T23 - Forum Support - 07-04-2016

GPSWOX Software demo > http://eu.gpswoxtracker.com/objects

General configuration guidance > https://www.gpswox.com/en/user-manual/faq/how-to-configure-gps-tracker

However, for Tramigo T23 configuration, you need to ask your GPS tracker seller or see your inbox instruction.