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Upgrading GPS Tracking Account - sharkboy6969@gmail.com - 09-26-2016

I currently am using the Lite access level.  I have a couple questions about upgrading to the Basic.  What level of access must I have in order to utilize the satellite overlays on the maps.  Strangely, I was able to use it during the demo, but once I am a paying customer, I no longer have that privelage.  

I am afraid to attempt to upgrade before getting these questions answered because at no point in the purchase process, did I get a summary of what was going to be charged in terms of the amount and no "last chance" confirmation before the charges were submitted.  Since I purchased the year at Lite about a week ago; if I decide to upgrade, will I only be charged the difference between Lite and Basic?  Or will I be charged an entire year even though I am in my first billing cycle?   

I am also interested in purchasing 5 gps trackers, is there a way to filter the vast number of trackers you sell?  It is quite burdensome to open each one to review the details.  For instance I would like to filter only the ones that operate on battery.  I couldn't even find in the description battery life on some of these.  I couldn't even find enough detail to differentiate really one from the next and I am sure there is a big difference in most of them, if so, where can I find more detailed info so that I may do my due diligence in researching what would fit my needs the best.

Sorry for so many questions, I just need to make an informed decision and can't seem to find the resources to do that.  

Thank you for addressing my questions.

RE: Upgrading GPS Tracking Account - Forum Support - 09-26-2016


satellite maps are available for paid customers only. If you unable to select sattelite maps, please write to support@gpswox.com

Regarrding gps trackers, we will update their descriptions and filtering options in the future.

Lite, Basic plans are paid 1 year ahead and difference is not refunded if you upgrade.